Debby is not welcome back…

Debby paid us a visit, we do not want her (or any of her friends) to return.  She brought tropical-storm strength winds (up to 60 mph), but most damages in the area were mild.

By 2 a.m. on Sunday, Public Works utility crews were repsonding to power outages.  That afternoon the street crews were clearing debris from the roadway.

Although Debby wasn’t especially destructive, she sure was disruptive.  Debby took an unknown number of turtle nests, a black skimmer colony of birds, along with the last remaining sand from a $4 million emergency beach project deposited last year at the north end of the island.

The Beachcomber had minor damage…our gas grill was a casualty, one of our pool chairs blew into the parking lot, a few branches and palm fronds to clean up.  We had some water issues to deal with…but the biggest problem was that our internet was down from Friday night until Wednesday morning.



The Beachcomber
2721 Gulf of Mexico Dr.
Longboat Key, FL, USA 34228

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