Hurricane Irma 9/11/2017 6:00 a.m.

Thank you for all of your concern, and mostly for your prayers.  They worked…God is good!
Irma weakened considerably before she visited Sarasota.  We have been without power since yesterday afternoon, but we are so grateful to have a generator.  As far as we can tell right now, we have no damage to our house and our family is safe.  It is still raining, probably will for most of the day.  A little windy here, gusts to 48 mph.   We are still under curfew until 3 p.m.
We don’t know when we will be granted access to the island, they are still having storm surge. Property managers are first to be allowed on the island after officials deem it safe.  We hope to be able to get on later today, but it may be tomorrow before they let us on.


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