T.S. Isaac – Update

TO:                  Property Managers

FROM:            Dave Bullock, Town Manager

SUBJECT:     Tropical Storm Isaac – Update #3 – August 25, 2012 – 11:00 AM

The projected track of Tropical Storm Isaac shows that Longboat Key will be impacted.  The storm is still anticipated to emerge off the coast of Cuba on Sunday as a tropical storm but gain hurricane status as it approaches the Upper Keys on Sunday evening.  The latest advisory anticipates the storm passing West of Longboat Key sometime Monday although the storm’s intensity, forward speed, and track remain uncertain at this time.

Depending on storm track and intensity Longboat Key could see flooding in low-lying areas, increased rainfall, and strong tropical storm force winds.  Beach erosion, and dangerous rip currents are anticipated.  Beachgoers should exercise extreme caution.

Flooding, resulting from increased rainfall and higher than normal tides, is expected.  Roadways in low lying areas (for example the Village) may be covered with salt water.  Rain bands are expected to arrive overnight Sunday or early Monday morning.  Several inches of rain are possible over the next 4 days.  For those residents who move their vehicles to higher ground, please remember to lock your cars and remove valuables.

A Tropical Storm Watch for our area has been issued.  Onset of tropical storm force winds are forecast to arrive Monday morning continuing as the storm passes.  Isolated tornadoes are possible.  Localized power outages are possible as with any severe weather event.  Report, or check the status of power outages, at www.fpl.com.

Sand, bags, and shovels are available to the general public for use to protect homes and property from potential flooding.  Residents will have to fill the bags themselves with no limit to the number of sand bags available for each person.  The materials are located at the Broadway public beach access on the North end of the island near the 7000 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive.

We expect to experience strong tropical storm conditions.  Please be aware that this forecast may change before Isaac impacts are felt in this area.  Some of our residents and visitors may not have experienced tropical storm or hurricane conditions so we ask that you pay particularly close attention to this developing weather system.  Residents are advised to monitor this storm and take appropriate protective measures.

Longboat Key emergency managements staff continues coordination with Sarasota and Manatee County Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) in preparation for Tropical Storm Isaac. Conference calls will continue with the National Hurricane Center, as well as the State of Florida Department of Emergency Management.  Updated information will be provided following those briefings.

Now is the time to begin implementing your hurricane plan.  Please ensure that you have adequate disaster supplies on hand.  Don’t forget to include your pets in your disaster planning. No evacuations orders have been issued by Sarasota and Manatee County Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) at this time.  Evacuation decisions and shelter locations will be made Sunday morning.  Please stay tuned to your local news and weather for announcements regarding local threats, evacuations and shelter information.

Updates regarding the storm and anticipated impacts, preparedness measures and any evacuation decisions will be posted to the Town’s website.  The Town?s website,www.longboatkey.org also contains links to the National Hurricane Center, the Sarasota County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the Manatee County EOC.  There are also links regarding disaster planning, how to strengthen you home against hurricane damage, and convenient checklists to help prepare emergency supply kits.

People with special needs (PSNs) will be contacted regarding transportation arrangements to shelters if that becomes necessary.



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